Cleaning a Ventirad

Heat is the number one cause of computer failure. It is all the more unfortunate that it is very easy to anticipate this type of worry without having important knowledge. I propose today to show you what to do by taking an example of an Acer mini tower.

A colleague, Audrey, entrusted me with his Acer Aspire Ax1301 for a software problem originally.

After a few minutes of operation, by touching the sheet I realized that it was abnormally hot.

Although it was almost 30 ° C in the room, but I found this temperature rise much too fast.

I could not help it, I went to get my cruciform and unscrewed the two black screws that held the sheet on the side.

This type of tower is powerful, but given the narrowness of the housing good ventilation is essential to ensure longevity of the components, so I told myself that there must be dust that impeded the air circulation, l aeration was already a bit clogged.

The set is well designed the Ventirad (Fan + Radiator) is bulky and therefore has a good cooling capacity but the dust accumulating this efficiency melts like snow in the sun.

As you see below: no dust. Yes, I must admit, I was almost disappointed.

But if you look closer you can see a lot of dust between the fan blades. There is no need / adapted to use a bomb of compressed air, the best is to disassemble the fan. So I removed the 4 screws that held the fan on the radiator.

And there, surprise (or not …) radiator clogged at 3/4 appeared to me, the brush will be out.

As you see on the right of the photo the radiator is now nickel, but do not forget the fan on the left whose blades are loaded with dust! Because not only the cooling will be of less good quality if you forget this cleaning, but also the weight this dust which seems negligible, can end up making very slightly incline the blades and cause a noise of friction source of unpleasant noise.
That’s better!

While you are looking for the graphics card. It is easy to locate by following the connector of your screen.
In general there is only one screw to remove to extract vertically.

Yes the Graphics Cards also equipped with a fan (mostly low-end models or small models that are only cooled by a heatsink) need a small brush stroke on their fan.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate!

If you have photos of your cleaning to send me it will be with pleasure that I will publish them.

Good cleaning!

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