remove the password request

You deleted the password request when you started your computer, either, but curiously and painfully I was going to say, you are still asked to exit the standby mode. We will solve this problem today. : Yes:
It’s clear, since the release of Windows 8 you have been many to want to remove the password request at the launch of Windows.

Yes, Microsoft decided, for our good, to impose this security step. lol

Except that it was not only annoying on a daily basis, but also, and above all, it made the hackers of all hairs laugh, because there are many techniques to get into your computer when you do not know the sesame and that when you are identified you can obviously and easily hack at a distance …

I will add a layer for those who have a laptop and who think to be protected in case of theft, I have already said, just extract the hard drive and connect it to another computer to the computer. using a special adapter or using a station to access all content, password or not …

In short, you followed my tutorial and you got rid of this useless password request.

Except problem, when you turn on your computer after an automatic or voluntary standby, we ask you again this password!

We could usually solve this problem by going into the power options of his computer as I told you here, except that on the latest versions of Windows 10, this setting is no longer available …

In fact it has been moved to another menu, so I explain all that to you. : Yes:

It is always the same, it is of a disconcerting simplicity, but if we do not know it …

We go to All settings via the usual menu …

or with the combination of Windows + I keys.

We choose Accounts.

Then Connection Options in the Left column. We then arrive at the setting to modify.

Logically select Never.

You are now quiet.

That’s it (already) finished, what else?

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