Stinger, a portable Antivirus to discover.

It can happen that a computer undergoes a viral attack so violent that one can not install Antivirus. McAfee Stinger is THE solution because it is portable, so it does not require installation. : Good:
I talked about installation impossible, but in the same vein, it can be as difficult in case of strong slowdowns of your System.

Stinger an autonomous utility in English which will not be able to replace an Antivirus of course, but which can be used to detect and delete specific / current viruses.

Your computer so relieved, you can then install with peace of mind and ease an Antivirus worthy of the name and restart a complete scan.

Indeed, it relies on the behavioral classification of threats via the Cloud.

I looked out of curiosity for the meaning of his name, well Stinger means stitching.
And to sting it stings, it is able to detect the most known and aggressive threats, so it will be a powerful ally if you had not installed an Antivirus worthy of the name before infection.

Well, I suggest you download it and keep it somewhere warm on a USB key, it can always help a friend in need ….

Yes, I assume that you, you have been listening to my advice for several years and that you are using an excellent Antivirus


Click on the capture to go to the Publisher’s hosting area. I give you this link because the software is brought to evolve regularly, a direct link would be quickly obsolete. I started writing the tutorial on April 21st, when you click on it there will be inevitably a file with a more recent date.

You will get one or the other of these installers depending on the choice of version 32 or 64 bits.

An English dashboard will be displayed when launching the software. As you can see the language will not be a barrier, it is obvious that you have to click on Scan to start the analysis.

An important clarification: only the System files, located on C :, will be analyzed.

If you want to start the analysis on other folders / partitions or readers it will be necessary to click on Customize my scan (I do you thanks for the translation …). Note that whatever your selection (s) the software will always scan the System files.

You will notice an icon in the notification area that informs you that real-time protection is in use. Protection that you can disable at any time via a simple right click. Note that it will start automatically each time Windows starts.

A reasonable use of resources during the analysis will be noted.

By cons there is a big drawback: the removal of the threats found is automatic, annoying if there were false positives. There should be little in theory as it is meant to suppress only a precise selection of known threats. Anyway and as I said, it can not (should) be used as an Antivirus on a daily basis, it is more intended for use in an emergency.

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