Version 5 of Hard Disk Sentinel is available

The dysfunction of hard disks remains one of the most frequent failures, and for good reason, it is one of the most solicited elements of your configurations. Version 5 of Hard Disk Sentinel has just been released, the opportunity for me to return to an essential software

A little over a year ago I told you about version 4 of this software in a detailed tutorial.

The new version being there it is interesting to see what it brings as a lot of novelties.

As a reminder I have already explained to you the interest of S.M.A.R.T technology, for Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology, in this article. I explained that using free software could already test the health of its hard drives statistically.

Paid software is more powerful, it will give you more information about your storage devices and allow to perform in addition to a real-time monitoring in the background, guaranteed a flawless responsiveness in case of problems (s) detected (s).

Know that if you trusted me and at the time you bought this app, you will be able to migrate for free to this new version 5, I show you immediately how to do.

Update version 4 to 5.
Open your software, click at the top left on File / Search for a new version and update immediately. The software closes and the temperatures displayed in the notification area disappear.

Normally you should have version 4.71, the most recent search software available.

Version 5.01 is available to replace the 4.71. You have no action to take, the download starts automatically.

It will not last very long.

The update is done in a transparent way, the window will close after 10 seconds, you can also click immediately on Close.

The temperature monitoring will appear again in the taskbar.

At the opening you will find that you are now in version 5.01.

As I already explained last year, this software is designed to monitor all your disks in the background and continuously collect information such as temperature, health status and performance. This will alert you to several types of problems long before malfunctions can occur.

Yes, this is the added value that a free software will not offer: unless you are going to query the statistical data very frequently and in addition you compare them with the previous ones, a time-consuming work so you will not really be able to anticipate a serious dysfunction.

If you use multiple computers, you can let him monitor them for you and rest easy, especially if you are one of those users who never turn off their systems.

You can be warned of an anomaly by an audible alert, a pop up and even by mail!

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